Best Dark Prince Deck

The Best Dark Prince Decks For Clash Royale

Using a dark prince can be an effective strategy to annihilate your opponents. However, you need to choose the right card combo. The PEKKA is best paired with a dark prince. The key of the dark prince allows it to do a ground combination with the PEKKA.

While the dark prince is a powerful tanky unit, he does not have the high attack power that you’d want to be dealing with. He can deal a lot damage and wipe out entire pushes in one turn. The goblin hut is also an important part this deck’s defense. You can maintain pressure on your opponents with its high health and long-lasting damage. It is also very effective against building-seeking unit.

A level 4 Valkyrie deals 1266 damage to an unprotected level 9 Crown Tower versus a level 4 Dark Prince. The Valkyrie has special splash damage and is better at dealing with defensive troops than the Dark Prince. It also deals with swarms more effectively. A level 6 Valkyrie can also hit level 10 Goblins. In addition, it’s better at removing distractions and protecting pushing troops than the Dark Prince.

The Electro Giant Dark Prince Deck is another great Dark Prince deck. This deck is 4.3 average elixir in cost and has a 12 card cycle. It has 5 epic cards and good defense and offence. The deck also has a Giant in the front to counterattack. If you are looking for a deck that is affordable, the Electro Giant Dark Prince Deck might be a good choice.

Although the dark prince isn’t the best deck for the Inferno Dragon, he can counter it. His shield will drastically reduce the HP of the inferno dragon. The dark prince’s shield will also make it difficult for inferno dragons to kill. In addition to these great features, the dark prince is an effective counter for both the inferno dragon and the P.E.K.A. This deck has many uses and can be extremely powerful.

The Dark Prince is an excellent addition to any Clash Royale deck. It can be used to push to an enemy tower, or take out support cards. It can also be used to destroy buildings in the middle or as a push. To push a tower, you can also use Electro Giant. The Dark Prince can be used on the bridge to help the enemy who is overcommitting.

During the game, the Dark Prince is an excellent secondary pressure unit and deals well with swarms and glass cannons. The fireball deck can also chip towers when they are low on health. This deck can also help support the Hog Rider combo.

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