Best Curved Swords Elden Ring

Best Curved Swords in Elden Ring

Curved Swords are one of the most versatile weapons in Elden Ring. They are agile and quick, and can be used for slash-based attacks. They are also extremely dangerous, and can do a lot of damage. It is crucial to have the right Curved Sword to match your build. We’ll be looking at some of the best in the game to help guide you.

Because it can scale with STR or DEX, the Scimitar is a great early-game Curved Sword. Although it does not do as much damage as stronger Curved Swords it is a great tool for crowd control, combo attacks, and crowd control. It’s not the most powerful Curved Sword and we don’t recommend it unless it’s a fast and powerful weapon.

The Katana is a powerful weapon that can be used in mid-range combat. It can scale with Strength and Dexterity and has a unique attack style that is effective in mid-range battles. It can also do decent damage to a variety enemies.

Magma Guillotine is a high-damaging Curved sword. Its weapon design is very similar to the Nebula and is extremely effective against bosses. This weapon can be found in the Ruins at Uhl Palace.

Scavenger’s Curved Sword is a Curved Sword with a chipped edge. This Curved Sword can deal Bleed damage naturally, making it one of the few Curved swords that can do this. Spinning Slash is a weapon skill that deals high damage to multiple enemies. This Curved Sword is a good choice for players who have high DEX, STR, and INT. Bleed Ashes of War can be used to improve the Curved Sword.

Serpent God’s Curved Sword is another great Curved Sword. This weapon is very rare, but it provides a high-damage damage and restores HP. If you’re looking for a Curved Sword in Elden Ring, you should choose this one. Its passive healing ability is very useful and can save your life. Despite the passive healing, this weapon isn’t essential, but it can be an excellent choice for niche builds.

While there are other curved swords, Bloodhound’s Fang is one of the most potent. It can inflict a lot of damage and can even be used to launch airborne attacks. This weapon can also perform wide-sweeping attacks, which makes it great for generating distance between enemies.

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