Best Builder Hall 8 Base

How to Build the Best Builder Hall 8 Base in World of Warcraft

The Builder Hall 8 base is one of the most well-known. It is a perimeter base with offset Builder Halls that make it tough for an attacker to clear. It also has open sections that make air attacks difficult. This makes it a great base for defense. But if you’re worried about letting a rival attack your base, it’s important to know that this is not a foolproof base.

The basic layout of Builder Hall 8 base is symmetrical. The buildings protect the main buildings against air attacks. Its main defensive structures include a mega-tesla, a giant gunner, and a roaster. The base also contains 6 army camps that are hard to attack.

It’s important to upgrade your collectors and mines when you build. This is important as it allows you increase the number of army camps and resource towers. It’s also important to upgrade the builder hall. This will allow you to unlock new troops.

You should aim to build the best builder hall 8 base possible. Your success in the game will depend on your ability to create a safe space for your builder hall. You’ll be able take down any opponent who attacks you if you put it in a safe place. The best way to do this is by building a builder hall that’s protected by another building.

Your Builder Hall’s base is critical to your Versus Battles and getting into higher Trophy Ranges. It’s also very important to keep it safe from air attacks, especially at night. You can achieve this by placing a high-damage builder around a giant cannon or mega tesla. Also, a roaster is placed to block air attacks.

A centralized Builder Hall also makes splash defenses easier to reach and distract. In addition, you can take out the Crusher easily using Archers. In contrast, the Guard Post is more difficult to lure into an outer position. A rectangular inner wall compartment is, on the other side, a smaller base than a diamond. A lot of the defenses are located along the inner wall.

The Battle Machine can destroy the Builder hall, but it can also take out your rest of the base. A Battle Machine can also be used to protect your main army. Baby Dragons are a great way to protect your base. Their attacks can cause damage to both the Battle Machine as well as the rest of your army.

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