Best Builder Hall 3 Base

The Best Builder Hall 3 Base

One of the most popular base types in Builder Hall 3 is the Crusher base. This base can be a powerful tool when you need to take out a lot of troops. It can also be effective for holding air troops until you can use your Archer Tower and Firecracker to do enough damage. A good Crusher base will also help you win Versus Battles at BH3.

This builder hall 3 base has an open area, which can pose a problem for attackers as their troops may run into traps and defenses. However, it’s one of the most stable base designs, making it the best choice for Versus Battles. It’s also great for advancing on the trophies!

This base has a lot of buildings with a high amount of hitpoints. It also has an open area with traps, so attackers will be directed to it. While it’s a good builder hall 3 base, it’s important to have good defenses. If you have an enemy that’s sneaky, you can take him out without collateral damage.

A good builder hall 3 base has many defense buildings, including a high wall and a star laboratory. In addition, it has a barrack and a cannon. It’s one of the best builder hall 3 bases. In addition to defenses, it also has many buildings that are easy to build and secure.

There are 7 defenses on the Builder Hall 3 base. If you want to protect it against BH4s, you can install push traps to force your opponents to the Crusher. Having good defenses is important to ensure that you have enough space to place a Tesla to protect your firecrackers. However, beta minions might try to take out your Tesla with their firecrackers.

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