Best Arena 1 Deck

How to Build the Best Arena 1 Deck

If you’re looking for the best Arena 1 deck, you’ve come to the right place. You can use many different types of cards in this game to make your team stronger or more powerful than your opponent. Before you can decide which cards to play with, it is important to understand what your opponents can do as well as what cards you should avoid. A good way to make your deck stronger is to focus on one or two specialties.

The Goblin Hut deck is a good example. It’s an aggressive deck that can easily melt a tower in seconds, but it’s also quite vulnerable to bad card luck. This deck is great for trading, and it’s also aggressive. It is a good way to counter similar decks and avoid spamming cards.

Besides the Giant, you can also use the Mini P.E.K.A., who is an incredible tank. He can tank all cards in your deck, despite his low hitpoints. He’s also an excellent counter to balloon decks and spawner decks. The Giant is also the deck’s largest tank and can take a lot critical damage.

Valkyrie: Though the Valkyrie isn’t the most common card in Arena 1, it’s an excellent option if you’re just starting out. It’s easy to missplay Valkyrie but it’s worth considering for the long-term. It can tank enemy ground troops and counter archers and spear goblins.

Valkyrie: To fend off flood attempts by your opponents, you’ll need to keep your Valkyrie available. If you make a mistake, this deck will allow you to come back and get your game back on track. It is inevitable that players will make mistakes and not always be able to make the right decisions in the end.

Goblin Cage: Having a goblin cage will allow you to place it around the middle of the arena, making it easier for your attacking and defensive units to get to them. It can be placed in the middle of the arena to counter or split your opponent’s pushes. The goblin cage is also a great defensive option.

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