Best 2x Elixir Deck

The Best 2x Elixir Deck in Clash Royale

In a two-lane match, a player with a 2x elixir deck has many options and can be highly effective. This type of deck relies on efficient card drops to gain an elixir advantage quickly. This type of deck also plays a reactive style, and if played correctly, can disrupt your opponent’s single-lane decks, Hut/Tombstone decks, and Beatdown Rush decks. Moreover, the deck is highly reactive and can help counter an opponent’s army.

This deck is incredibly versatile, with the ability to push out units quickly. In addition to being a powerful siege and anti-air deck, it also has an excellent health pool and a powerful archer. The deck also features a specialized clear in the form of Valkyrie and a cheap ranged support in the form of Spear Goblins.

A miner chip deck is a good opening play for an elixir deck. This type of deck uses elixir tokens to build larger pushes behind an elixir golem, as well as sniping and finishing towers.

In the current Clash Royale meta, PEKKA is a solid choice. Using it to counter infernos and zappies is an excellent play. Its high endurance allows it to last for more than 10 seconds, which is critical when facing the infernos and zappies. Smart play is to build around your PEKKA and push your battle ram toward your tower, and then cycle back to the PEKKA as often as you can.

A Giant + Prince combination is another powerful choice. This combination will allow you to hold an enemy tower with half an army on one side while your Giant and Spear Goblins can push your tower. Elixir can be the difference between a victory and a defeat.

An Elixir Golem, while costing 3 Elixir, can help you gain a lot. The golem costs 3 Elixir to deploy, but it can cost up to seven Elixir to counter. With this ability, the Golem is a great asset for the deck and is an excellent counter to an opponent’s Archetype.

As with any deck, it is important to choose your cards wisely. A golem is a great lane blocker. Arrows, on the other hand, are a good choice for combo decks. If you want to keep your opponents away from your combo deck, you can use a wizard or inferno dragon to group your troops. Lastly, an offensive tornado is a great choice if you’re looking for a way to push the golem double prince push.

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