Benjamin Wylam

Nathaniel Brown, Benjamin Wylam, Naveen Sood, and Naveen Sood Convicted of Securities Fraud

Federal authorities allege that Nathaniel Brown, an California high school biology teacher moonlighting as an illegal bookmaker, made over $1 Million through illegal insider trading, according to allegations made by federal prosecutors and authorities in San Francisco. Brown and Benjamin Wylam have been charged with engaging in securities fraud.

Early Life and Education

George Wylam was born in Durham, North England to George Wylam and Isabella Windlass and eventually immigrated to Pennsylvania later in his life before marrying Eunice L Wylam before 1940.

Wylam served as associate head coach of men’s and women’s swimming at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio from 2010-14. Under his tutelage, his students excelled both on and off the water – receiving scholarships from CWRU and finishing among the top-10 in NCAA championships. Academically too, his teams excelled, posting combined team GPAs of 3.50 or greater each semester since 2010.

According to the SEC, Wylam and Nathaniel Brown, who worked at Sunnyvale-based tech company Infinera Corporation as senior revenue manager, traded stock based on information that Brown gained through his employment. Brown shared this confidential data with Wylam via WhatsApp or other methods and later used it to execute securities transactions involving Infinera shares.

Professional Career

Two San Jose men have been sentenced to prison after admitting they used inside information from a tech company to conduct illegal stock trades, according to a Justice Department statement. Nathaniel Brown and Benjamin Wylam each received 22 months and one year and one day in jail for their roles in the scheme.

The SEC charged that Brown, working as a revenue recognition manager at Infinera Corporation, regularly informed his best friend Ben Wylam of unannounced quarterly earnings and financial performance results for Infinera between April 2016 and November 2017, which in turn was profited by high school teacher/bookmaker Wylam who then informed three other friends – Marcus Bannon, Matthew Rauch, and Naresh Ramaiya – about this confidential data.

Achievement and Honors

In 2014, he was honored with the Benjamin Rush Prize: an annual scholarship recognizing an outstanding junior or senior history major who completed an honors research project and is named for UVM’s first president and signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Nathaniel Brown, the revenue recognition manager of Sunnyvale-based Infinera Corporation and Benjamin Wylam shared with each other confidential information that could have been used for securities transactions with Infinera stock, according to information released by the US Attorney. They communicated this nonpublic data using messaging application WhatsApp as well as other means.

Both individuals face up to 25 years in prison, fines, and forfeitures if found guilty of their respective offenses. Furthermore, any restitution due must also be paid back to victims.

Personal Life

The US Securities and Exchange Commission filed a complaint alleging that Nathaniel Brown, Benjamin Wylam and Naveen Sood engaged in unlawful insider trading of Silicon Valley companies’ financial performance information. Brown served as revenue recognition manager at Infinera Corporation from April 2016 until his termination in November 2017, providing Wylam with frequent tips regarding company finances. With this knowledge Wylam – also serving as high school teacher and bookmaker – made stock trades which generated profits of over $1 Million dollars.

Brown and Wylam admitted in their plea agreements that they took steps to conceal their actions and relationship, including starting WhatsApp and “unfriending” each other on Facebook in order to evade detection by law enforcement authorities.

Net Worth

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed charges against two Silicon Valley tech workers involved in an alleged trading ring which made nearly $1.7 million illegally using confidential earnings information. Prosecutors filed criminal information alleging Nathaniel Brown, revenue recognition manager at San Jose-based telecom equipment firm Infinera Corporation in San Jose–and his best friend Benjamin Wylam were engaged in exchanging confidential financial results and projections among themselves.

Criminal allegations indicate that between April 2016 and November 2017, Brown provided information to Wylam who then traded on it. Brown also informed other friends such as Marcus Bannon and Naresh Ramaiya, both of whom also traded using this data.

Defendants charged with crimes could face severe monetary and prison penalties as well as restitution and forfeitures payments if found guilty.

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