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Vanetta Spence, Headteacher of May Park Primary School

Vanetta Spence has been teaching for twenty years and was appointed after an intensive interview process involving trustees, governors and staff from May Park Primary School.

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Early Life and Education

Ben Spence discovered after graduation from college that finance wasn’t his true calling; while dabbling in real estate wasn’t either. When his parents retired to Florida and Ben decided to follow them there he found healthcare as his calling instead of finance.

Spence currently oversees the finances for Lee Health, an expansive regional healthcare system serving over 2 million people in Southwest Florida. His job requires extensive knowledge, so earning his Master of Health Science from FGCU enhanced his arsenal.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Talon Boy’s family and friends as they grieve this tragedy, hoping they find comfort knowing he will now watch over them from Rainbow Bridge – forever remembered!

Professional Career

Ben Spence brings over two decades of experience to Lee Health as its Chief Financial & Business Services Officer, where he currently presides. Ben’s primary responsibilities involve creating and implementing financial plans in support of Lee Health’s strategic goals and vision.

Spence made his professional debut in 2012 and since has gone undefeated and undisputedly won unified welterweight championship. Most boxing experts consider him to be one of the greatest pound-for-pound fighters.

The Truth has had an impressive amateur career, winning multiple US Golden Gloves championships and competing at the 2012 Olympics. His next bout may come against Terence Crawford or Manny Pacquiao.

Achievement and Honors

Six psychologists were recently honored with the Janet Taylor Spence Award for Transformative Early Career Contributions, for conducting groundbreaking research ranging from developing decision-making skills and mathematical models of happiness, to understanding how people rationalize disturbing realities.

Benjamin Spence made headlines as an outstanding senior on FGCU’s men’s basketball team during his final year, amassing 422 minutes played, scoring 169 points with 80 rebounds, 34 assists, and 12 steals logged during that season.

Maggie Donnell, an Arkansas double major studying social justice studies and psychology, was Ouachita’s overall academic achiever and Carl Goodson Honors Program Blue Ribbon Finisher. Additionally, she received top academic honors at Sutton School of Social Sciences before being honored as Outstanding Woman – something she will continue her studies at Oxford University later in 2023.

Personal Life

Benjamin Spence left behind an immeasurable legacy of kindness and love that transcended this world, an unparalleled passion for nature that could be felt through its breezes and waves, and an everlasting desire to help those in need whenever he could – elements which made up his character and will never be forgotten by those closest to him. These elements helped define his lifelong friendships and family bonds which will always remember this man for what he contributed.

Spence was charged with second-degree murder after three of his dogs mauled Curtis Wickham to death at his West Tulsa residence. Spence told investigators that an ex-partner had tried to gain entry and provoked the animals; however, investigators were unable to prove this story and sentenced him to four years in jail with credit given for 18 months spent behind bars.

Net Worth

He was an accomplished musician who performed with Breaking Benjamin. A talented vocalist and guitarist with incredible stage presence, his fans were moved by his powerful performances and emotive lyrics.

Jennifer Spence, his daughter, is also an actress. She has appeared in multiple television shows and films and boasts an array of acting abilities; most notably she played Dr. Lisa Park in Stargate Universe as well as Betty Robertson on Continuum.

On October 11th, 23 year-old Adam passed away after a car accident involving his Jeep Cherokee that veered off the road and collided with a tractor trailer – still unknown what led to its cause.

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