Benjamin Shue

Bio of Benjamin Shue

Shue, a rising junior from Bergen Catholic High School in New Jersey is competing in the men’s U20 shot put and discus this weekend in Eugene, Oregon, hoping to qualify for U.S. junior team membership. If successful in either event he will qualify.

Shue’s husband, filmmaker Davis Guggenheim, boasts a net worth estimated at over $2.5 billion (that’s billion). Guggenheim has become famous for producing some of the highest-grossing documentaries ever.

Professional Career

Shue has extensive experience as a critical care physician, general practitioner and hospital-based clinical leader. As such he has spearheaded the creation and implementation of numerous health promotion initiatives both nationally and internationally including worksite health councils, community needs assessments and program evaluation services.

As the season unfolds, Shue will encounter similar hurdles faced by any young star: outsized expectations will be placed upon him, fair or not. He will learn to balance his life both on and off the court while pushing himself beyond current limitations.

Sera becomes immersed in her own problems and becomes drawn closer and closer to Ben as he becomes increasingly drunk and depressed – shuffling around their cheap motel room in misery and darkness. Sera attempts to urge Ben for professional assistance but to no avail; eventually she gives up.

Achievement and Honors

Shue had an outstanding and brief professional career. He appeared in Edwin Drood at Delacorte Theatre and American Buffalo with Berkeley Repertory; published playwright work included full-length crowd-pleasing comedy The Nerd and bittersweet political drama Wenceslas Square; unfortunately his promising middle-aged career was tragically cut short in 1985 by a plane crash in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains in which fourteen were killed; Shue was one of them; in addition, he earned both conference and state championships at 800 meters; as an athlete he set freshman national class discus records with Bergen Catholic High.

Personal Life

He is a proud father, with three sons from his first marriage to actress Jennifer Hageney; Nate, Aidan and Wyatt. He stands 5ft 8in tall.

Shue has two siblings – Elisabeth and Davis Guggenheim (a director who won an Academy Award for An Inconvenient Truth and who now boasts an estimated net worth of $2.5 billion).

Shue was previously married to Good Morning America coanchor Amy Robach, with whom he shares daughters Ava and Annalise. However, the two divorced in 2008. Since then, Robach has reportedly attempted to coax harmony among both sets of children after the pair were reunited at a concert last month, enjoying some downtime together in Montana as well. All four siblings share an unbreakable bond.

Net Worth

Shue is a highly respected actor best known for his role as Billy Campbell on Melrose Place and many films such as Gulf City and The Rainmaker, with an estimated net worth of $100 Million.

Elisabeth Shue is also a highly esteemed actress. She has appeared in numerous films and is revered as a role model by aspiring actors and actresses alike.

Shue is also an exceptional athlete, having competed at both USATF U20 championships for shot put and discus events. This season he has made great strides as the top freshman in New Jersey. Additionally, he is an enthusiastic supporter of Follow Through With Something (FTWS) and CafeMom (CMom).

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