Benjamin Mathews

Anesthesiologist – Dr Benjamin Mathews

Dr. Benjamin Mathews of Benton, Arkansas practices anesthesiology at Saline Memorial Hosp and accepts multiple insurance plans. Additionally, he belongs to the American Society of Anesthesiologists.

He has conducted three research projects for Australia’s Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, contributing significantly to reforms of civil statutes of limitation for abuse claims and mandatory reporting laws. Furthermore, his work has inspired three books as well as over 125 refereed scholarly articles and book chapters published under his auspices.

Early Life and Education

Ben Mathews was born and raised in an orphanage. While his childhood was difficult, he learned discipline as an athlete who ran marathons. Since then he has won awards in film, television, comedy and advertising, plus is currently training to be a child abuse and neglect doctor.

Barbara Mackenzie-Wood can tell Mathews is passionate as soon as he enters her audition room with an excerpt from Romeo and Juliet, so when she asks him if acting is truly his calling, his response was “Yes. Absolutely.” Passion is essential for an artist; it will keep you going when sleep and confidence become scarce while bearing through failure when everything around you tells you to stop.

Professional Career

Ben was an expert at disposing and leasing R&D/manufacturing properties throughout Silicon Valley. An aggressive negotiator, he never left any stone unturned en route to his success. His persistence and combative nature led to great results for all involved.

Mackenzie-Wood asks Mathews whether acting is really his calling; he replies in the affirmative.

She continued by explaining how acting is like climbing without any safety net, while New York is known to push even the most steadfast dreamers to their limit.

Mathews agrees to audition for a part in an upcoming production of Henry V and impresses director Niesen with his performance, who has high standards for his actors. One scene requires Mathews to re-walk a stool for over an hour.

Achievement and Honors

As a filmmaker, Ben Mathews has won multiple awards and his films have been showcased at international film festivals. Additionally, he has written and directed television series such as BedHead and Deadbeat Dads as well as documentaries and web series; written scripts for Thor: Love and Thunder as well as Maid Shang Chi Young Rock Fauda at Thor: Love and Thunder as well as theatre productions at Atlantic Theater Company New York Sydney Theatre Company Belvoir Street QTC etc.

Ben enjoys running as an enjoyable pastime and has completed over 108 marathons since beginning to compete at 50 years of age. A former Marine Corps Marathon champion for 50-54 age groups, he also won several other running competitions such as Jacksonville Marathon where he placed first three times within his age category.

Personal Life

Ben Mathews is an award-winning filmmaker, actor and coach. A graduate of Atlantic Theater Company in New York for acting training under David Mamet, William H Macy, Felicity Huffman and Clark Gregg as well as Australian Film, Television and Radio School’s Directing course in Sydney for directing studies – winning him awards at international festivals for both disciplines he studied.

He has completed more than 100 marathons, setting his personal best time of 2 hours, 48 minutes at the Marine Corps Marathon and winning his age group at three Gate River Runs.

He can often be found playing tennis and golf as well as being an avid reader, traveller and mountain hiker in his free time.

Net Worth

Ben Mathews is a multi-award winning director, writer, and actor renowned for his film work across film, television, comedy, advertising and international festivals.

Cofounder of Coinbase (which went public in April), and now owns 98% of Shenzhen-listed packaging firm Yunnan Energy New Material – however his net worth has significantly declined as cryptocurrency prices decline and investments become less lucrative.

Susquehanna International Group ranks as one of the premier options trading firms on Wall Street and invests in private companies such as Tiktok parent Bytedance and credit monitoring firm Credit Karma. He is survived by his wife Maya and three children. Alongside running marathons together with family, they all enjoyed building and flying model airplanes together as hobbies.

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