Benjamin Marsh

Benjamin Marsh

Benjamin Marsh may refer to:

Ben Marsh is a top-rated attorney practicing in California. He specializes in Business Litigation issues as well as Entertainment & Sports law. Ben is based out of Los Angeles, and attended Loyola Law School before graduating in 2006. Ben is also a member of the Los Angeles Bar Association.

Early Life and Education

Marsh’s early life was marked by hard work. Beginning work at an early age and taking on various jobs for both his father’s printing and bookkeeping firm as well as lumber yards and Roudebush Business College, Marsh worked tirelessly.

After receiving his degree, Marsh relocated to Philadelphia and worked at the Society for Organizing Charity. Through this position, he developed an interest in city planning that eventually led him and Frederick Law Olmsted to organize America’s inaugural city planning conference.

His ideas about urban planning were more socially aware than those advocated by the City Beautiful movement, which focused on aesthetic improvements. Unfortunately, some business leaders found his advocacy for zoning laws disturbing.

Professional Career

Ben Marsh specializes in custom home building throughout Scottsdale, Phoenix and Paradise Valley areas and makes for an outstanding partner to work with. He takes great pride in his work and pays close attention to every step of the process he undertakes.

Marsh devoted much of his early years to social activism. He ran a political action group known as the People’s Lobby that advocated liberal causes such as massive wealth redistribution schemes. Marsh also claimed to have testified in congressional hearings “several hundred” times.

Marsh is also a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and member of Canterbury’s Heritage Forum. He has appeared on BBC radio (notably Witness and The History Hour on Donner Party), given talks and workshops at schools, museums, and history societies across New England as well as numerous radio broadcasts about him.

Achievement and Honors

Marsh is also well known outside Kent University due to his work with Witness and The History Hour programs about the Donner Party on BBC radio and given talks in museums and history societies. Furthermore, he leads the Age of Revolution project which provides classroom education about 1775-1848 with resources like videos, podcasts and Top Trumps cards.

He has been called upon by U.S. presidents and government agencies for international assignments, including serving as elections supervisor in Bosnia and Herzegovina and delegate to UNESCO’s General Conference. Additionally, his name can be found listed in Who’s Who in America and American Legal History Review.

At Penn, Marsh received a graduate fellowship to research Philadelphia’s homeless population known as tramps; an experience which would eventually shape his career and help establish urban planning as a distinct field.

Personal Life

Marsh was also an active community member outside his professional endeavors, volunteering in numerous organizations and serving on the boards of several non-profits. To encourage others to dedicate themselves to public service, he established the Benjamin Marsh Lecture on Public Affairs at Ohio Wesleyan University to foster students’ commitment.

Marsh was an influential leader of the Georgist movement during his lifetime, helping pioneer city planning in North America while including social considerations into his planning processes.

He currently resides in Apex, NC with his wife and two daughters. He serves as associate Pastor at Cary Alliance Church and President of Club Horizon Inc. His degrees include an MDiv from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary as well as a BA from Duke University.

Net Worth

Richard Marsh currently owns 70,672 Myriad Genetics shares worth $1,633,230 as of 11 July 2018 and has made 46 transactions of MYGN stock since 2005.

Marsh was an active young social worker during the early part of the 20th century who stood up to tackle extreme congestion of poverty in American cities through taxation, land-use planning and planning solutions that were among the most innovative at that time.

Marsh resumed business operations at his original site in Albany at Nos. 79 and 81 North Pearl street in 1880 and later joined Frederick W. Hoffman to form Marsh & Hoffman; here he continued trading jewelry, watches and diamonds until his death on March 28, 1896.

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