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Benjamin Beer – Beer Marketer’s Insights

Benjamin’s Spruce Beer is an invigorating dark malt beverage perfect for keeping warm in wintertime. Available at can locations across town.

Benjamin and Chaz Hubbard are two friends who started making beer together as young fathers in their backyards, looking to bring an authentic local flavor into the craft beer scene.

Professional Career

Benj Steinman has amassed extensive expertise in the beverage industry as Publisher of Beer Marketer’s INSIGHTS, appearing frequently in news publications and speaking at conferences across the United States. Furthermore, he manages the website, social media presence, marketing initiatives and circulation processes of his company.

Standing out among Philadelphia’s abundance of beer breweries such as Yards Brewing, Saint Benjamin Brewing, and USciences Brewing program isn’t easy, but Benjamin and Chaz Hubbard have managed to do just that by producing unique niche beers that stand out.

As part of their collaborative beer endeavors, they have produced various beers together – Piano Keys is an imperial chocolate vanilla stout beer designed to promote diversity and equality and has been featured both on television as well as publications.

Personal Life

Benjamin Beer grew up in a small town, but his passion for fresh, handcrafted beer led him to New York. Additionally, his passions in writing, aviation, and history helped develop an appetite for new adventures.

Benjamin has worked tirelessly over many years to realize his dream brewery. Now proudly offering his special blends to all, Benjamin hopes his craft can help introduce people to new flavors and ideas.

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