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Benjamin McAllister BASH

Parents, faculty, alumni and friends of Benjamin School in northern Palm Beach County are anticipating BASH – their annual gala and fundraiser, created with two purposes in mind – raising money for the Benjamin McAllister Scholarship Fund while celebrating Ben’s spirit and legacy.

Professional Career

Benjamin has extensive experience working with organizations focused on national and international development, human rights, education, youth services, art, entertainment and sports. As an executive for social impact he serves on numerous boards as well as taking leadership roles within various community-based cultural institutions.

Ben began his film career with short TV roles and small television movies before landing his breakout role in Mallrats (1995). Since then he has gone on to produce other independent films like Chasing Amy (1997).

Ben is an engaging public speaker with years of experience combining storytelling with audience reading to deliver presentations that are concise yet entertaining, making him the ideal presenter for your next benefit or event.

Personal Life

Ben is blessed to count Natalie among his numerous adoring fans and can often be found sharing beach days, family vacations and trips to the Statue of Liberty together on social media.

He has often been seen accompanying her to dinners and events, including those attended by actor Todd Haynes. They looked content sitting together at one table while exchanging small talk with guests present.

Ben has always been seen as the baby in his family, and is loved and adored by both mother and sister alike. Additionally, he enjoys snuggle time with his little sibling!

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