Bella Twins Poop

Bella Twins Poop Allegations Revealed

Tony Atlas, a former WWE Hall of Famer, recently accused the Bella Twins of performing acts with wrestlers as well as relieving themselves on others. Although the Bella Twins haven’t publicly responded to the allegations, they’re reportedly not afraid to talk about their personal lives. We’ll be looking at what to expect in the next paragraphs. We’ll be discussing how to deal with these horrifying allegations and what you can expect.

The Bella Twins aren’t daddy’s little girl, for those who don’t know. Their parents are now separated but they still live together as a family. The Bella Twins’ mom, Kathy Colace, and her husband, John Laurinaitis, have welcomed their newcomer into the family. There are many allegations about John Laurinaitis and the Bella Twins’ coziness with Bella Twins.

The Bella Twins have not been in the ring since 2012, when they were fired by WWE Executive Administrator Eve Torres. Nikki and Brie have been out of the spotlight for nearly a year, spending time in Hollywood after their firing. They returned to the WWE in March 2013 and were placed into a storyline alongside Naomi and Cameron. They were scheduled to compete against each at Wrestlemania XXIX. WWE decided to cancel the match and reintroduce Bella Twins.

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