Belinda Henry

Belinda Henry

Belinda has extensive experience handling complex family law matters involving assets such as trusts, superannuation schemes and companies. Additionally, she possesses knowledge in reaching agreements via mediation, collaborative meetings or the Court process.

The Baron admires Belinda’s locks and plots to steal one; Belinda and her Sylphs’ attempts at protecting her against this happenstance prove futile.

Early Life and Education

Henry began writing at an early age, selling her first story to The Delineator when she was only eleven. While her early stories often focused on animals such as dogs, cats, and birds; later she would specialize in books about horses.

She wrote extensively on various horse breeds, winning multiple awards with her books. Misty of Chincoteague (1947), one of her most celebrated works, chronicles the true tale of Assateague Island off Virginia’s coast where wild horses gather each year to be corralled for annual roundup. Additionally, Brown Sunshine features prominently and eventually becomes King of Mule Day celebrations each year; illustrations by Wesley Dennis complete this book which was also made into many films featuring this topic.

Professional Career

She began her education career at Oklahoma’s Department of Vocational and Technical Education as a vocational guidance specialist and quickly rose through the ranks to become state coordinator for guidance as well as leader for school-to-work initiatives.

She is highly proficient in all areas of Family Law and adept at finding solutions through negotiations, mediation and collaborative meetings as well as through litigation. Her practice ranges from property matters with modest asset pools to complex high value assets such as trusts, superannuation funds and company structures.

She has long been active in her community and currently sits as director on the board at Southern Cross Credit Union; sitting on its risk and audit committees.

Achievement and Honors

Belinda has amassed an extensive practice encompassing public international law, civil fraud and complex commercial litigation matters as well as all aspects of international arbitration. She has appeared before the Supreme Court (five times as sole counsel), Court of Appeal and High Courts as well as arbitral tribunals operating under different rules and jurisdictions.

As part of her first year at MIT, she has already made significant research contributions in machine learning models for language processing tasks and established her own lab that she will run alongside the GAAP program. Furthermore, she has taken on mentoring underrepresented undergraduates as part of her strong commitment to diversity.

Thames & Hudson showcases her work among other prominent Australian landscape painters such as Elizabeth Cummings, John Olsen and Ann Thompson.

Personal Life

She loves beach walks with her dogs along the Tweed Coast where she currently resides, as well as travel and experiencing new cultures and foods.

She sold her first story at age 11 for $12 and subsequently started writing for magazines, such as Delineator.

The court found that Henry targeted victims based on their vulnerabilities, watched them for three days while impersonating a federal law enforcement officer, entered their homes and bound them, strangled one victim to death, and raised reasonable inferences of future dangerousness with his actions. Henry was sentenced to death and appealed his sentence but his appeals were denied; ultimately, he was executed in April 2019.

Net Worth

Belinda will continue making waves in Nollywood, quickly rising through the ranks and becoming one of its rising stars – she may soon join A-list actresses as an A-list actress herself!

She has appeared in various movies and TV series such as Rockliffe’s Babies, Screen Two, The Nineteenth Hole, Forever Green, Eurocops Cracker,and Birds of a Feather.

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