Beauty And The Beast Engagement Ring

Beauty and the Beast Engagement Rings

For your engagement ring, look no further than the beauty and the beast. Both Disney movies have beautiful engagement rings and a beauty and the beast engagement ring is sure to catch your girlfriend’s eye. This classic Disney movie has become increasingly popular, so why not get your bride-to-be a piece of Disney fine jewelry? These stunning pieces are perfect for any occasion. Here are some inspirations:

To create the perfect fairytale engagement, Lewis Paterson decided to propose to his girlfriend in a French castle. Chateau de Castelnaud, which overlooks the Dordogne River in southern France, was the perfect setting for his proposal. But, the engagement ring he had chosen fell into horse manure, causing him and his girlfriend to spend hours hunting for the diamond. Fortunately, the diamond eventually surfaced and they were able to make a romantic evening out of it.

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