Backpack Liam

Backpack Liam

Backpack Liam first made his appearance on ONE as part of Team A alongside Bryce, Texty and Stone.

He enters a cabin and inquires of Airy whether there is water there to help gather reeds; she responds that Texty must leave in order for that plan to work.

He sticks out his thumb and gets taken for a ride by an anonymous car.

Early Life and Education

Backpack Liam, a young man with autism who has found success through acts of kindness and generosity. He founded Lunches of Love – a non-profit providing free meals to people in need – as well as speaking publicly about his journey and inspiring others to pay it forward.

Jo credits numerous individuals who were instrumental in his recovery process, including their family therapist, staff from the Darwin Centre and teachers from Pilgrim PRU. She states that these experts employed holistic approaches in teaching him how to fill his life with positive experiences.

Episode 6 sees Bryce and him discussing the notes they found in ONE, believing they may relate to the plane from episode 6. Eventually they decide to drive up to New York City in search of leads.

Professional Career

Liam Plecak, better known by his nickname Backpack, is one of the first participants teleported to The Plane as part of Airy’s competition show “ONE”. There, they must compete in challenges and witness eliminations before being sent home again.

Backpack, upon witnessing Tomato’s crushing to death, decides that he is best equipped to escape The Plane. After discussing their plan with Scenty and other members of The Crew, she remarks on how she doesn’t deserve to remain here as she prioritizes her own health and safety above anything else.

Later, Backpack discovers a page with information about past contestants and asks Bryce to research them. After discovering one lives nearby in Bridgeport, they visit him. After finding some sticky notes leading them in search of Airy and to end ONE.

Achievement and Honors

Denham Springs Police Department went above and beyond to make Liam Kelly, Cpl Shawn Kelly’s son who died while on duty, feel special on his first day of kindergarten. They posted about it on their Facebook page as well.

Liam cringes when Airy’s voice changes for an instant. He attempts to stand up, but his crutches give way under his weight and break.

Scenty later tells Liam that she doesn’t think he should remain on the competition anymore since he didn’t want to see Tomato get impaled or drown. Liam accuses Scenty of selfishly placing herself before him, while she replies that she just wants to ensure he is safe at home. Liam and Scenty then discuss Stone.

Personal Life

Backpack is generally reserved and has only one close confidant – Bryce. Bryce always comes through for him when it’s needed – helping in “Just Tripped” and offering comfort after his passing at La Salle D’attente.

Bryce may annoy Liam at times, yet also provide invaluable help that he cannot express through sticky notes. One of his first tasks upon arriving to The Plane was checking up on Liam; later in “Freefall”, Bryce asked whether or not Liam had sustained any injuries and inquired as to his wellbeing after breaking his leg in “Freefall”.

Liam agrees with Scenty that she does not deserve to remain on ONE, since she did not experience what he did (such as witnessing Texty be impaled or drown). Liam believes Scenty prioritizes her well-being over his.

Net Worthliam branger

Liam (Backpack), is one of six contestants teleported into The Plane as the inaugural group and has been up for elimination on multiple occasions.

Backpack is seen sitting around a campfire with Scenty and Soda Bottle when they learn of Abstracty’s death, becoming shocked and upset with him before realizing the sticky notes from Airy may have something to do with the radio from Episode 6 “La Salle D’attente”. He later explains this theory to them.

Later, he attempts to use his laptop to find information about The Plane but fails. Frustrated, he attempts to break it but Bryce stops him, reminding him that breaking it will just send everyone else back where they came from.

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