Bachelor In Paradise Monday

Bachelor in Paradise – Monday’s Special

Whether you’re watching the season finale or not, you can’t miss Monday’s Bachelor in Paradise special. The episode features Benoit, Kevin, Pieper, and Jenna, and it’s sure to leave you in tears.

David Spade

During his first two episodes as the host of Bachelor in Paradise, David Spade brought some freshness to the show. After being approached by creator Mike Fleiss, Spade jumped at the opportunity.

The “Bachelor” franchise has gone through many changes over the years. In addition to Chris Harrison, there are now rotating celebrity hosts. And the spinoff, Bachelor Nation, will feature former contestants. It’s a big ratings win for ABC. But there’s also drama behind the scenes.

David Spade is known for spoofing “The Bachelor” and “Saturday Night Live” and his Instagram account keeps his comedy alive. He also talks about his new stand-up special for Netflix.

Brendan Morais

During the premiere of Bachelor in Paradise, fans were disappointed with the behavior of contestant Brendan Morais. Morais’ ex-girlfriend Natasha Parker felt betrayed and manipulated by him. Morais claimed that he was on the show to win Tayshia Adam’s heart. However, he also denied dating Natasha prior to the show.

The cast didn’t mince words about the situation. Some criticized the lack of newness in the relationship between Brendan and Pieper, while others said they were held back by the timeline of the show. Others speculated that Morais was holding out for James.

Pieper James

During Monday’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Pieper James and Brendan Morais made headlines. This season’s cast has been causing controversy and drama. Pieper and Brendan were the subject of allegations that they were in a romantic relationship before the show. Despite the claims, both men said that they were open to other relationships.

Pieper and Brendan met through friends in the Bachelor Nation and decided to keep their romance off-screen for the time being. The two are now dating again. They are planning to grow their relationship in the future.


During the last season of Bachelor in Paradise, there were a lot of couples. One of them was the “It” couple of the season, Jordan and Jenna. They had been together for a few weeks and had a romantic beachside dinner date with Puccini.

On the reunion show, they said they were still together and planning a wedding. Chris Harrison was officiating their wedding, and they have already set a date for next June.

They are also planning a big engagement party in North Carolina. The couple also shared a make-out session during the final breakup of the season.


During the winter games, Benoit Beausejour-Savard was introduced to Bachelor Nation. His presence was a good distraction. Benoit was a Canadian international contestant who hails from Montreal. He made finals in the skiing competition.

When he first arrived in Paradise, Benoit contacted Krystal Kendall. Benoit liked her energy and sly smile. The two hit it off and went on a date. Benoit also showed her how to make an egg dish. Benoit is very into romance. He knows how to play the long game.

After Benoit proposed to Clare, they engaged for a month. After that, they split up. Benoit and Clare have remained friends. Benoit is looking to give the proposal another shot.


During the fifth season of Bachelor in Paradise, Kevin Wendt and Astrid Loch made a lasting impression on fans. They spent most of the season as a couple, but eventually broke up. After leaving Paradise, they reconciled.

The two were joined by their son, who matches his dad’s coloring. The pair got married in Florida in October of 2022. They have also announced that they are expecting a baby boy. They plan to move to the Canadian suburbs.

Although Kevin and Astrid’s relationship didn’t last long, they made the right choices and left Paradise better for it. Although Kevin’s previous relationships failed because he was “loving too hard,” he and Astrid’s relationship improved when they talked about mental health.

After the final rose special

Despite all the drama on the show, it seems that it’s a good time to be on the Bachelor in Paradise. The show is going to end with a rose ceremony and a newcomer will be the first to get a rose.

The show’s host, Jesse Palmer, will return the following day to announce fantasy suites. Six women who were exiled from the show will be asked to explore new connections with five new men. He’ll also talk to them about their feelings heading into the hometown dates.

A few of the contestants were asked whether they were ready to get married and have children. Others were asked about their fears and whether they were ready to take on the challenges.

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