Azazie – Olive

Azazie – Olive

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Olive Oyl is more than just any cartoon character; she represents Disney in all her glory.

Early Life and Education

Olive’s family was poor, and she dropped out of school at 16 in order to support her widowed mother by working as a shop girl and harboring hopes of one day becoming a Broadway star.

Olive first made headlines nationally after its publication by Stratton, selling three editions within one year and garnering attention across the nation.

Olive made her film debut with Triangle Pictures in 1916 and quickly earned fame as an exotic showgirl. She earned $75 per week to send home money to her family. Olive married Jack Pickford – brother of Mary Pickford and America’s Sweetheart Mary Pickford. Together they navigated Hollywood life while attending parties filled with drugs and alcohol; eventually however Pickford contracted syphilis and died from mercury poisoning in Paris in 1920.

Personal Life

Olive is an energetic and passionate individual who cares deeply for her family. She stands by Grace and assists with her Callings as much as possible, remaining positive despite their difficult relationship. In time skip, Olive discovered Cal let Angelina into their house, further straining their already troubled relationship. Upon return to present time, Olive meets TJ again and develops a small crush on him after realizing he remembered her name despite their bad history together.

Net Worth

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