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Deborah Flores Narvaez’s Autopsy Will Reveal the Cause of Her Death

When Deborah Flores Narvaez went missing in December 2010, the news of her disappearance was picked up by the media. For weeks, it was reported that Flores had not been seen. It wasn’t until several weeks after her disappearance that her body was found. The investigation revealed that Deborah Flores Narvaez was killed by her ex-boyfriend. However, the cause of her death will not be known until the autopsy is completed on Monday.

Griffith is currently facing a murder charge, and could be sentenced to life in prison if convicted. Griffith is accused of killing Flores during an argument. He pleaded not guilty to the charge and testified that he acted in self-defense when he killed her. But prosecutors said the defense’s self-defense claim was a fabrication.

Prosecutors claim that Blu Griffith strangled Deborah Flores to death on December 12, 2010 after an argument. The victim’s remains were later found in two tubs of concrete at Griffith’s home in downtown Las Vegas. While an autopsy will reveal the exact cause of her death, prosecutors said it was related to a fight over Griffith’s desire to be with another woman.

The case against Blu Griffith began in October, when he was charged with domestic violence battery. Griffith had a girlfriend, but she told a prosecutor that she had no reason to call the police. Instead, she had a run-in with her boyfriend and left him. In the days after the incident, he continued to sleep with other women, including Flores.

After the incident, Flores and Griffith got back together, and Flores slashed her tires in a fit of rage. She claimed that Griffith had pulled her hair while she was retrieving her cellphone, according to the Associated Press. Although Flores didn’t reach for a gun during the fight, she thought her ex was reaching for her purse, according to Griffith’s account.

According to the AP, the woman who helped Flores’ body be found was a roommate. Her testimony is expected to be heard in court on Thursday. Louis Colombo is also a witness. His testimony included a claim that he had found Flores’ remains in a tub of concrete, and he led authorities to the scene. A medical expert testified that Flores would have died in much longer than the time it took to be examined.

Colombo is also a Cirque du Soleil performer. His testimony was received with immunity by prosecutors, and he will not be questioned during the trial.

The prosecution called a medical expert to the stand during the trial to explain how long it took for Flores to die. The expert said that it took a couple of seconds for Flores to be unconscious. This is different from the claims of Griffith’s roommate. According to Colombo, the witness walked outside and saw that Flores was dead.

The jury will hear from witnesses about the threats and violence that Flores had against Griffith. And they’ll learn that she had been stalked before her death.

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