Austin Shepherd Padalecki

Austin Sheperd Padalecki

Austin Sheperd Padalecki is a television actor. He is the son of actor Jared Padalecki and actress Genevieve Padalecki. The news that Austin was born in January 2014 was confirmed by his mother’s Twitter account. He has two brothers: an older brother named Thomas, and a younger sibling named Odette. He has appeared in many TV shows and movies, including Supernatural, The Walking Dead, and The Orville.

Padalecki joined Supernatural’s 2005 cast in an action-comedy series on the WB. He played the role of Sam Winchester, the main character. Dean Winchester is his partner and he follows Sam Winchester as they hunt paranormal predators across the country. The show’s characters battle demons and other science fiction to survive. It has been on air for 15 seasons making it one of North America’s longest-running science fiction series.

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