Arms Crossed Meme

The Meaning Behind the Arms Crossed Meme

The arms crossed meme is something you’ve probably seen before. Although it’s a very popular expression, the meaning of the cross is not always clear. Crossing your arms can be used for many reasons. Some people use the crossed arms meme as a way to assert themselves physically and to show their resiliency. This expression has a deeper meaning than just its popularity.

The crossed arms meme is a perfect example of this. Friends, NBC’s televised series, popularized it with a rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Smelly Cat” song. During the show, David Schwimmer admitted that he’s a teen crush on Jennifer Aniston. While filming the reunion, Matt LeBlanc crossed his arms, resulting in a viral meme. In the aftermath, many users resorted to making fun of this awkward situation and made a point of telling the narrator that they don’t really care about him.

Despite its humorous nature, the arms crossed meme is indicative of a more serious issue: apprehension. Often, people who cross their arms are trying to portray a cool attitude and reassure others that they are confident. You can hide your condition by using alternative memes like touching someone’s hand or holding onto something. If you feel anxious or nervous, you don’t have to stop crossing your arms.

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