Ark Patrol Let Go

Ark Patrol Releases Acoustic Version of “Let Go”

Ark Patrol, a 20-year-old Australian band, has released “Let Go,” a new single. They are known for their dreamy, arcade-styled songs. Veronika Redd sings the song, which combines classical elements with lead guitarist and a pianist. Soultronica is the name for this heavenly fusion. The song is out now on Heroic Recordings. You can listen to the acoustic version of the song below.

The Hawaiian electronic artist Ark Patrol’s latest single is Let Go. It features lush vocals from Veronika Redd. The track is reminiscent of ODESZA’s “In Return,” which was released earlier this year. The song is available for purchase on iTunes. Ark Patrol is a rising name in the electronic music scene and has released several EPs and albums. Let Go is now available on iTunes.

Ark Patrol, real name Brandon Gomez, released Let Go four years ago. It was a massive hit on TikTok and Spotify, garnering over 60,000 streams a day. The band recently released a version featuring Veronika Redd. It was accompanied by a beautiful lyrics video. Let Go is sure to become a huge hit again. The band has also released an encore single, “Acoustic”, before the full release.

The single will be released September 21. Ark Patrol’s newest EP, Let Go, features two new acoustic tracks. The lyrics were printed on the reverse side of the song. This version is slow-listening. This track is a great way to transition from electronic dance music to an alternative electronic artist. You can check out the album’s new release on iTunes today. You can also listen at the bottom of the article to an acoustic rendition of the song.

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