Angie You Net Worth

Angie You Net Worth

Angie You net worth is not known yet. She started her company, Angie’s List, in 1995 when she needed a reliable contractor for her husband, Bill Osterle. What started out as a simple call-in service grew into a 1.5 million-member business. Angie’s List even survived the post-2001 dot-com bust. Currently, Angie is working to increase her net worth.

Angie You owns 30,000 units of Oric Pharmaceuticals stock

Angie You is a board director of Oric Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a clinical stage oncology company focused on developing therapies for the treatment of drug-resistant cancers. She previously served as the chief executive of Amunix Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

She is married to Travis Kalanick

After being in a relationship with Daniela Lopez Osorio, Travis Kalanick is currently dating Angie You. While the two have not yet confirmed their marriage, they have been spotted together on social media. Kalanick is an entrepreneur and investor. He has a background in technology and has worked in a number of startups. He also co-founded a peer-to-peer file sharing service and has been in the entertainment business.

After dropping out of college, Kalanick became an Internet entrepreneur and a member of the Libertarian political party. In 2001, he and Michael Todd co-founded the Red Swoosh file-sharing company. In 2007, they made $2 million. Travis Kalanick has often been featured in the media for his romantic relationships. Although the couple is known to be engaged, there is no reliable source to confirm that they are married.

After spending more than a year together, Gabi and Travis separated. Travis’s busy schedule and other commitments did not allow him to make Gabi his wife. However, there are rumors that Travis is married to Angie You, the CEO of Amunix. While the couple has not confirmed their relationship, they do share a close friendship.

The age difference between Kalanick and Angie You is about five years at the time of the marriage. However, the exact date of Angie’s birth is unknown. It is believed that the couple started dating when Kalanick was CEO of Uber. They bought a condo together and spoke frequently.

She has a fair body weight to match height

Social media expert Angie You stands at a tall height and is in perfect proportion to her body weight. Moreover, she also has a fair body weight to match her height, which is also a good thing considering that she has a huge following on social media.

She earns her income from her career as a social media personality

In addition to her professional blog, Angie You also earns from brand endorsements and sponsorships. She makes a minimum of $15,000 a season from her career as a social media personality. In addition, she receives a $2,500 bonus each season for her tell-all specials.

She has a fashion and lifestyle blog

Angie You has a fashion and lifestyle blogging following that spans many industries. She focuses on high-quality content and is not interested in doing sponsored posts or contests. She only partners with brands that fit her lifestyle. Sometimes she does accept products for review in exchange for a fee, but her endorsements are genuine and unbiased.

Her fashion and lifestyle blog, The Fashion Fuse, is a great source for style inspiration. It combines personal style with home and travel tips. Her blog is a great source of inspiration for women who want to stay fashionable while still balancing their family life. Angie is a mother of two, and her personal style is reflected in her blog’s title.

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