Amy Slaton Baby Pictures

Amy Slaton Needs More Baby Pictures

Amy Slaton shared some adorable photos of her son Gage on Easter. Fans have been asking for more photos of Slaton since she became a mother. Fans are concerned about her 17-month old son’s health and wish her well. Amy Slaton has been a busy woman, and she shared many pictures of her family over the last few months.

Amy Slaton shared several pictures of her new son Gage on Instagram, but most fans were upset to see that her son was looking very sad. Despite sharing many other pictures of her children, some fans thought she’d post photos of her own smiling little boy. However, Amy replied to the fans’ comments by saying she never shared pictures of her son smiling, and that Gage was probably overdue for an afternoon nap!

Amy Slaton was so overweight before she decided to have her bariatric surgery, she was not allowed to become pregnant. Her doctor advised her to wait until she had lost enough weight to be able to have a safe pregnancy. She surprised her fans and fans with the big news. She now has a son named Gage, who is growing at an incredible rate.

Amy Slaton had her first child in late December, and the pictures of her baby boy have gone viral on the Internet. The actress opened up about her fears of giving birth. She also revealed that she is a transsexual. Amy Slaton, in addition to her new son is also proud to be the proud mom of two German Shepherds. She also has a dog named Little Bit. In her blog post, she also shares details about her parenting journey.

Fans have expressed concern over the lack of photos of their baby. Amy has been active on social media, and it is unclear if she’ll share pictures of her son during the pregnancy. Amy Slaton’s fans are hoping that her son will be a good big brother. Amy’s pregnancy has been rough, and she is cutting down on her smoking during this time. They are hoping that the baby will be a healthy, happy, and happy baby.

Amy Slaton, despite her health problems, has been open about her new role of aunt. She also shared her experiences with giving birth, and how she expects the baby to cope with a C-section. She shared adorable photos of her son and even revealed how she met him. Amy Slaton’s baby Gage has already been named in honor of her TV show.

The actress’ weight loss journey has been well documented, and she is now a mother to a new family member. The actress also spoke out about her difficult relationship with Michael Slaton, her husband and friend from 1000 lb Sisters. While the strained relationship between the two sisters has led to an emotional and professional crisis, Amy Slaton still views the show as an inspiring one.

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