Amy Pascal Hair

The Amazing Amy Pascal

Amy Pascal’s wacky wigs have long been a running joke. It’s hard to find a movie star who can pull off Medusa curls like the Amazing Amy Pascal. Pascal has been eccentric and outlandish since childhood, but she’s recently shown signs of happiness. She is a camp goddess because of her mismatched hair and bad wigs.

Those of us who are aware of the latest scandals involving celebrities often find it amusing that Amy Pascal bought her pubic hair dye on the company’s dime. Amy Pascal has received some backlash for her actions. While the media and the public have taken a teasing tone toward her, Amy Pascal has a strong history of standing up for herself. She has even been accused of ageism, sexism, and other sexism for her appearance.

She is also a lisp sufferer and is very poor at public speaking. Her lisp has caused journalists to complain about her at news conferences and lectures. Amy Pascal married New York Times Hollywood reporter Bernard Weinraub, who supported her in promoting the low-brow, high-concept movies she loved while she was at Columbia. She is now a highly successful model and actress who has made a 10 million dollar fortune.

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