Amy Duggar Instagram

Amy Duggar’s Instagram

There has been quite a bit of controversy surrounding Amy Duggar’s Instagram feed. While she is close to her mother and sister-in-law Jill Duggar, there have been a lot of questions surrounding her recent post, and the answer is quite complicated. Amy has long been known for venting on social media and making comments that have earned her the ire of fans. Her latest post was controversial because it appeared to be a dig against Jinger. Amy could be trying to gain sympathy or recognition, or just vent her frustrations via Instagram.

Amy Duggar’s recent rant about her husband’s “heavy restrictions” on abortion has sparked controversy. Duggar posted a series rumor-stolen photos to her Instagram account on Tuesday. The photos show the mother of two children, Duggar, with her husband Dillon King (and son Daxton) in the photo. They are all wearing matching tee-shirts with a phone battery icon. Dillon King’s t-shirt reads “Charging…”

The eldest daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, Amy has been a distanced member of the family for some time. While she still remains close to her mother, she has disassociated herself from the other members of the Duggar family. She is actually very distant from them now and has only remained close with Jill. Amy has also been vocal about her relationship with Josh’s wife Anna, mother of Josh’s seven children. She hopes that this will help her children understand her father’s behavior.

Anna Duggar has also stood by Josh and has even written to the judge to ask for leniency in his sentencing. Amy has even commented on the topic, as she does on the Duggar family’s Instagram page. Amy has long been an unofficial black sheep in the Duggar clan. Although Josh admitted to cheating on Anna via Ashley Madison, he has always stood by her side.

As far as her family goes, she has made many changes since she started following them on social media. Earlier this month, Amy showed her new home to fans. She showed her new kitchen, hardwood floors, and new couch in the home. Daxton seemed to be enjoying his new rug and couch. The kitchen looks great, too. She recently posted a photo of her new kitchen with white cabinets, mosaic backsplash, and a new design.

The Duggars are a controversial family. This episode is no exception. Amy Duggar’s scathing remarks against Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have made headlines. Her latest post was a rebuke of the Duggar family’s portrayal Josh as a good person. Amy Duggar instagram regularly makes headlines.

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