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Married at First Sight – What Happened to Alyssa and Chris?

Although Married at First Sight seemed like a happy ending, Alyssa’s and Chris’ love story quickly unravelled. The couple clashed over everything, from their wedding to moving in together. Chris even asked for a divorce after refusing to share an apartment with Alyssa. Alyssa, however, remained firm that she was looking for love, despite the fact that her new husband was not the right man for her.

The split from Chris was not unexpected – several former MAFS stars weighed in with their opinions. Meka Jones blasted Alyssa for having “high expectations” for the wedding, and later claimed she was unhappy about Chris’s behavior. Paige Banks, on the other hand, said she agreed with Chris’ decision to split from her husband. And despite Alyssa’s words, it didn’t seem to affect Chris’ reaction.

During the season 11 reunion, Chris and Alyssa were seen together. Despite their split, the actors remained close friends. The cast members of the show encouraged the couple to continue their lives, even though the relationship is not over. Luckily, they managed to move past the bad start. Chris has a new girlfriend: Olivia Cornu, co-star on the movie Star. Although neither has confirmed their new relationship, they have been photographed together.

The relationship between Alyssa and Chris broke down after their honeymoon. The two were unable to live together because Alyssa was uncomfortable sharing a bedroom with Chris. During the wedding, they fought constantly over their relationship. Chris was happy in their new life together, while Alyssa was uncomfortable living with him. Both of them apologized and a reconciliation was in the offing.

The couple’s first marriage was a disaster. Alyssa wasn’t attracted to Chris and Chris felt betrayed by her feelings and they split. However, Chris and Olivia’s new relationship continues to grow, and the couple will soon be united again. Married at First Sight’s second season will air on May 25. What happened to their love lives?

Although they were together for a while, their relationship did not last. After the wedding, Alyssa revealed that she had reservations about the new marriage. She argued that they had too many differences and were no match. Later, she refused to live with her husband in their honeymoon apartment. She also told Us Weekly that she had hoped to have a more flexible relationship with her husband.

After just 12 days, Chris Collette and Alyssa Elliott parted ways on the show’s season 14 premiere. While the two were close before the wedding, Alyssa was upset and intolerant of Chris’ presence during the honeymoon. She wanted to continue MAFS so she could benefit from the experience. She eventually ended up divorced from Chris, but not before calling him names.

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