Always Radiant Pads Size 2

Always Radiant Pads Size 2 Review

If you’re looking for a pad that provides leak free and odor free protection, consider the Always Radiant Size 2 Heavy Flow Pads. They are made from premium materials and have flexible FlexFoam technology for maximum comfort and leakage protection. These pads are lightweight and feel comfortable, and their quiet wrappers ensure that you don’t feel a thing while using them. They are also odorless and won’t leave any stains or marks behind.

These pads have a light fragrance and have been dermatologically tested by Skin Health Alliance. They have a thin, flexible, and breathable pad that moves with you. They are easy to store because their wrapper is simple to open and close. The packaging is my only complaint. I wish there were more pads in each package. This could be solved by making the packaging more appealing and adding more pads to it. Always pads are eligible for FSA/HSA.

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