Alma Oliva

Alma Oliva BIO 500ml

Alma Oliva BIO 500ml is an organic extra virgin olive oil produced at Mills of la Subbetica in Carcabuey, province Cordoba. With medium intensity flavors, this organic oil earned silver accolades at NYIOOC 2023 competitions.

This olive oil is made with three essential Spanish varieties that combine beautifully. The aroma is green and fruity with subtle notes of almond and bitter finish – an enjoyable sensory experience!

Early Life and Education

As she witnessed first-hand health inequality when her mother suffered from chronic illness, she saw first-hand its devastating effects. To survive, they turned to various government-assisted programs like food pantries and SNAP/EBT for support – experiences which would later fuel Oliva’s passion for public service.

After graduating college, she joined the City of Winston Salem as ARPA Coordinator to address food insecurity and close gaps within her community. In this position she helped to establish English and Spanish resources as well as meal sites at recreational centers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

She enjoys spending her free time watching soccer and spending time with her two fur babies, Alma and Vida. Her passion lies with serving both students and communities alike.

Professional Career

Alma Oliva stands out as an outstanding and hard-working professional, having graduated with her undergraduate degree in 2018. Following this milestone achievement, she decided to dive straight into her career path after graduation.

Her determination paid off; she became ARPA Coordinator for Winston Salem and focused on providing resources that address food insecurity in her community, particularly during pandemic outbreaks.

She participated in the NASPAA Batten Global Simulation Competition, where her team responded to a simulated pandemic outbreak. Furthermore, she completed an ELGL and Government Finance Officers Association fellowship, where she gained more practical experience. Her unique perspective on public policy makes her an invaluable asset to her employer – her success will undoubtedly continue well into the future!

Personal Life

Almaoliva BIO can be found within the Natural Park of Sierra Subbetica in Cordoba Province and boasts an enviable microclimate characterized by significant temperature variations and abundant rainfall that allows olive trees to flourish over hundreds and even thousands of years, producing oil of superior quality with an abundant fruit content, perfect for culinary uses.

Almaoliva BIO’s Huile d’Olive Virgen Extra Ecological oil delights and excites our customers who appreciate BIO products. Crafted from picual, hojiblanca and picuda olives harvested under ecological certification with medium high fruit notes of green ripeness with touches of fruity aromas such as herbs, camomile and green almonds for an exquisite combination that produces an Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) of exceptional quality that harmoniously brings out each nuances’ potential.

Net Worth

She has earned numerous accolades throughout her career and is considered a rising star. It is estimated that her net worth stands at $50 million, and she also founded Joyful Heart Foundation, providing programs for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.

This extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is produced in Carcabuey, Cordoba in an exceptional microclimate with abundant rainfall that allows the olive trees to age gracefully. Composed primarily of Hojiblanca, Picual and Picuda olives grown through organic farming practices, its production guarantees long-term quality assurance.

BIO enthusiasts will surely enjoy this olive oil, as its quality matches those found in higher categories. It has a delightful blend of delicate fruity aromas balanced by subtle nutty undertones.

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