Alexis Text Song

Alexis Text Song From Schitt’s Creek

The “A Little Bit Alexis” text song from the critically acclaimed limited reality show Schitt’s Creek has become one of the most popular texts in recent history. The song’s chorus encapsulates Alexis’s character and her jet-set lifestyle, and its catchy jingle was enough to make the audience laugh. The hidden “Ew, David” line is another memorable line from the Alexis text song.

The fifth season of the show was called “The Hospies” and featured Moira, Jocelyn, and other characters. Although she didn’t win the Cabaret role, the song quickly rose to number one on the iTunes charts and many fans requested an official music clip. The end of Schitt’s Creek season six will be the last. Fans should not assume that Alexis is going to lose her job.

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