Alexis Skyy And Her Mom

The Social Media Feud Between Alexis Sky and Her Mom Has a New Chapter

The social media feud between Alexis Sky’s mother and her mother has entered a new chapter. The two actresses have been vying for fans since the former showed off new nail designs on her Instagram account. Although Alexis Sky has nearly five million Instagram followers, the posts aren’t for the faint-hearted. After being infamous in the entertainment world for her relationship with Fetty Wap, the actress has been in the spotlight for her mother’s health problems. At just one year old, she had to have emergency brain surgery due to hydrocephalus, which is a condition where fluid and bleeding can buildup in the brain.

Skyy was previously engaged to rapper Fetty Wap but the relationship ended in a split. They dated for two years, before a leaked tape of their sex was released. Alaiya Grace was their daughter. The couple’s baby daughter was born prematurely and has been diagnosed with hydrocephalus. The mother and daughter are both expected to deliver a healthy baby boy in the future.

Skyy’s Instagram has been very popular this week. In fact, she posted a video on Instagram Stories to announce her mother’s birthday. Fans thought that Skyy’s photo was of her twin but the caption revealed that it was her real mother. The actress’ mom is receiving a lot of praises from fans, but she has not publicly addressed the matter. But fans are still interested to know the identity of the woman behind the mysterious photo.

Alexis was an entrepreneur before she received media attention. Based on her experiences as a stripper, she developed Curves by Skyy, which is a clothing line. Alexis Skyy has nearly three million Instagram followers. The public has been also interested in her feud with Masika Kalysha, a fellow star. She continues to make headlines, regardless of whether it was a secret relationship or something else.

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