Alexis Morales Autopsy

Autopsy Results of Alexis Morales’ Death to Be Released Friday

The cause of Alexis Morales’ death is still under investigation, but the autopsy results are expected Friday. The homicide will be investigated under the theory of murder. Morales, 21 years old, was found dead in her SUV on April 19. Police are currently investigating the death of Morales as a homicide. Morales’ baby has been placed in the care of her family. The police have released details about the investigation, but the autopsy is still not complete.

Despite the gruesome details surrounding her death, the cause of Alexis Morales’ death is still unclear. It’s been more than a week since the disappearance of Alexis Morales, the mother of a five month-old boy. The two were last seen in a silver SUV with the plates MULALUV. The car was left at her South Bend home for several days without being reported.

Police say that Alexis Morales disappeared around 6 p.m. on April 12th. She was leaving with her infant son Messiah. She had told her friends that she was going to New Paris. The Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office began an investigation after her disappearance. The Silver Alert was issued on the next day and Alexis Morales’ body was found only a few miles away.

The investigation continues as police and family members try to piece together what caused Alexis Morales’ death. Messiah, Messiah’s 5-month-old son was found in the SUV that had been linked to a Silver Alert. The mother and her five-month-old son had been reported missing on April 13 and found on April 19. Police still have not identified a suspect, but the autopsy results show that it was most likely a homicide.

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