Alexis Gabe Missing

Alexis Gabe – Missing Person Case

Alexis Gabe was last seen on October 14, and her body has not been found yet. Police are still looking for clues in the missing person case. Gabe was a student at San Jose State University, and she had just graduated. Gabe was living in the same apartment complex as a woman who claimed that he was studying to be a police officer. After Gabe’s murder, she told KIRO that Gabe was a best friend. She drove off in a blue Infinity coupe.

Authorities believe that the girl might have been murdered. Marshall Jones, the suspected killer of the missing girl, left a handwritten note. It appears to be instructions for burying Gabe. The handwritten notes were found in Gabe’s car by her ex-boyfriend. She may have killed Gabe and dumped her body in Pioneer, California. The family has now appealed for help. There are many theories on how Gabe ended up where she is.

Authorities have said that Jones and Gabe were in Kent, Wash., when police approached him. The suspect fled after they opened fire. The man was seen holding a knife in slow-motion video. The blade of the knife was a foot long. The Seattle Police Department, the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, and the United States Marshals Service are part of the search team. Police are offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Jones and Gabe’s body.

Last week, the search for Alexis Gabe was continuing. Police released surveillance video of a person of interest. In addition to the surveillance video, police have recovered Gabe’s car. The police believe foul play is the culprit. Although the suspect is still unknown they hope to find Alexis alive. The family has been notified and the search continues. There is no other way to locate their daughter. So far, the search has focused on the surrounding area and the city of Oakley.

Alexis Gabe, who was last seen in Antioch on January 26, 2022, was last seen there. That night, she was last seen with her ex boyfriend. Her car was discovered the next day near her ex-boyfriend’s home. Oakley PD released surveillance footage showing a man who was seen in the area on the night of her disappearance. Contact the authorities immediately if you have any information about Alexis Gabe’s location.

Alexis Gabe disappeared, and the search turned into a murder investigation. Her ex-boyfriend was shot to death while serving an arrest warrant in Kent (Washington) on May 25, 2022. Authorities believe Gabe was killed, but they are still investigating the matter. The reward money increased to $100K on May 25, 2022. Marshall Curtis Jones was charged and arrested as her murder suspect on June 1, 2022. On June 2, 2022, he was publicly identified.

Investigators have found parts of the screen. They are now attempting to recover the rest of the phone and DNA from it. The phone screen was recovered by police last month, but the family hopes to recover more parts of the cellphone. Meanwhile, the FBI has confirmed that Jones has DNA on it. An FBI investigation is ongoing. The family is optimistic that this information will lead to an arrest. The official word is not yet out on whether the case will be dismissed or not.

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