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Goya Alcaparrado

Goya Alcaparrado is an irresistibly delicious combination of olives, capers and roasted pimiento peppers that’s easy to prepare – adding an irresistibly fresh taste to your dishes! Plus it adds an unexpected flair!

Manzanilla olives contain healthy fats and contain many vital vitamins and minerals for proper functioning of the body. Furthermore, they’re filled with antioxidants which may protect it against free radical damage caused by free radicals in our environment.

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Olives and capers are an indispensable staple in Latin American and Caribbean cuisine, often appearing as a condiment on casseroles, rice dishes and meat dishes as well as sauces or stuffings.

Capers are pickled green olives commonly used to add tangy flavor to recipes. Capers also make an ideal garnish for sandwiches and can add another delicious dimension to soups, salads and rice dishes.

GOYA(r) Alcaparrado is an irresistibly tasty blend of Manzanilla olives (plain or pitted), roasted pimiento strips, and premium quality capers – making it an irresistible accompaniment for rice and pigeon pea dishes, empanada fillings or simply snacking right out of the jar! Produced using only top quality Spanish raw materials.

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GOYA’s alcaparrado is a blend of olives (plain or pitted), pimiento strips, and capers that serves as a traditional condiment for stews and rice dishes as well as empanada filling. Black olives cured in an oxygen-free environment have stronger flavors than their green counterparts; Gaeta olives may provide a milder alternative, as they have less sodium.

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GOYA’s Alcaparrado is the result of the perfect pairing between Manzanilla olives (whole or pitted) with roasted pimientos and premium quality capers, creating an age-old condiment ideal for use in casseroles or with roasted meat dishes – while at the same time being highly versatile and traditional.

The Menu’s of Change Conference, organized in collaboration between the IOC and CIA, offered chefs new tools to employ flavour matching strategies that would enable more informed choices when selecting menu items. It took place from 18-20 April 2018 at Napa Valley, California.

Dr Mercedes Fernandez Albaladejo, Head of IOC’s Standardisation and Research Unit, participated in breakout session A2 ‘Olive Oil and Plant-Forward Kitchen”. Amongst other topics she presented on IOC’s research into olives’ physical-chemical characteristics as well as organoleptic qualities.

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Alcaparrado is a dish composed of pickled green olives, pimientos and capers with a strong salty flavor and firm texture. Capers are edible buds from Mediterranean plants used as garnishes or condiments in soups, salads or pasta dishes.

Goya produces Alcaparrado, which consists of olives, pimiento strips and capers combined into one product for use as an accompaniment for casserole dishes such as rice dishes or chicken/beef casseroles. This traditional accompaniment makes an ideal way to elevate any meal!

Black olives make an excellent alternative to alcaparrado. Boasting bold color and mild flavor, these olives can easily be added to antipasto platters or used as ingredients in various recipes.

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