Adama Jewelry

Adama Jewelry

Adama Investment Company of New York operates transformative businesses within the diamond, gemstone and jewelry industries as well as providing capital to innovative technologies and services providers within these fields.

Ben Adams started in the jewelry business through his mother. Through working alongside her he gained valuable insight and decided to follow in her footsteps.

Early Life and Education

Adams learned much of what he knows about jewelry business from his mother, who first opened her store in Snellville, Georgia. At age 18, Adams purchased it and relocated it in hopes that it will grow into something larger and better.

He worked tirelessly and invested wisely for his future, amassing an extensive collection of merchandise as well as an outstanding marketing campaign which earned him a SAMI award. Furthermore, he made significant donations to CURE Cancer Foundation and Annandale Village (an organization providing assistance for adults living with disabilities or injuries).

Today, he lives with his wife in Franklinton and leads a Bible study group for boys there. When not designing jewelry or renovating his Upper Arlington home, he loves spending time with family.

Professional Career

Adam Adams first discovered jewelry making as a hobby while still in high school, enrolling for only one semester of a jewelry class he wanted to attend but the experience ultimately convinced him it was what he wanted to do professionally – following in his mother’s footsteps, he eventually bought her store after serving four years with the Air Force.

Adams has expanded his business over time, expanding customer services with integrity and honesty while giving back to his community by volunteering for CURE and Annandale Village, two local nonprofit organizations.

He blends modern technology with Old World craftsmanship to produce exquisite and memorable designs that have graced red carpet events and magazines alike. He is well known for his outstanding customer service and commitment to excellence.

Personal Life

Adams draws inspiration for her jewelry designs from all corners of the world; particularly from Western landscapes where horses and Native American culture can be found. In particular, Adams draws from traditional cowboy crafts such as silversmithing, bit making and leathercrafting for her designs.

She collaborates with other independent designers and teaches jewelry-making classes. Her experience in medicine allows her to establish strong relationships with clients by understanding and empathizing with their emotional attachment to jewelry.

She and her husband own a small-town jewelry shop with open windows that enable customers to watch jewelers at work creating intricate designs for customers. Together they have two daughters. Additionally, she serves as a member of Goldsmiths’ Company as well as trustee and vice chair of Craft Council London.

Net Worth

Adama jewelry is a startup with millions in annual sales. Founded by Krish Himmatramka, a mechanical engineer who holds a Bachelor of Science from University of Texas Austin. Since 2013, Adama jewelry has enjoyed phenomenal growth generating many sales during its initial few years. Additionally, Krish donates part of his income to various NGOs working for providing safe water to communities worldwide.

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