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Revival of the Elizabeth Dillon Younglove Memorial

Renovation of the memorial was truly a community effort, made possible through donations and gifts-in-kind from both local residents and businesses.

Adam Younglove was an accomplished and dedicated family man living his entire life in Fort Plain. He leaves many dear friends and family behind who will miss him immensely.

Early Life and Education

Elizabeth Dillon Younglove was a loving wife and mother whose maternal love permeated every aspect of her long life. Her family and friends will miss her dearly; her work at Fort Plain Central School District as a cafeteria worker provided her with opportunities to serve the children while building close bonds between herself and them.

After Younglove was arrested on February 4, detectives executed a search warrant at his Oakland Park house and discovered more drugs as well as nearly $500,000 cash, leading to more charges against him, including possession of fentanyl and marijuana possession, among other counts. Adam Younglove (24 years old), his son also faces criminal charges, yet to enter a plea yet.

Professional Career

Younglove recently owned Chi Town Chicago Beef and Hot Dogs in Pompano Beach; however, according to BSO investigators it also served as a drug den. Inside a duffel bag found in Younglove’s vehicle was an array of illegal substances including cocaine, fentanyl and Ecstasy as well as prescription pills reportedly found by police.

On February 4th, Younglove and his 24-year-old son Adam were arrested on charges of possessing fentanyl and marijuana. Officers then conducted a search of Younglove’s Oakland Park home where they allegedly discovered even more illegal substances as well as nearly half a million dollars in cash.

Louis Younglove gave birth to his son in 1997 during a time when marijuana was still considered taboo and many believed the propaganda from Reefer Madness movies. But since then, much has changed for better.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Younglove was an incredible son, brother, uncle, and friend who took great care to care for his canines as though they were his own. All who knew him will miss his playful spirit; always sporting a smile across his face he leaves a large extended family behind along with many close friends.

Messinger is a Grammy award-winning producer and multi-instrumentalist best known for his work with reggae band Magic! and Iggy Azalea. Additionally, he co-founded production duo The Messengers alongside Nasri Atweh, as well as being part of Boston jam band Adam Travis & The Soul as one of their founding members.

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Personal Life

Adam Younglove was a musician whose songs depicted teenage parties, romance, heartbreak and other innocent thrills that teenagers experience. While playing saxophone and bass in marching bands, jazz ensembles and garage bands, his true passion lay in song writing.

Younglove opened Chi Town Chicago Beef and Hot Dogs, a counter service restaurant on SE 15th Street in Pompano Beach. While COVID-19 pandemic presented significant challenges to small businesses, Younglove managed to see his operation survive the crisis.

Detectives later searched Younglove’s Oakland Park house and discovered additional drugs, as well as half a million dollars in cash. Younglove currently faces numerous criminal charges and is being held in jail while his son Adam also stands trial in connection with an alleged drug trafficking operation. Elizabeth Laccetti lives on in Latham with husband Louis; children Jordan John Laccetti (L), Alex Laccetti and Robert Younglove of Amsterdam as well as nieces and nephews.

Net Worth

Adam and Danielle Busby of OutDaughtered earn lucrative paychecks that leave many wondering what their net worth really is. Furthermore, the couple invests much of their own funds in their luxurious Houston, Texas home which they regularly showcase on OutDaughtered as well as It’s A Buzz World YouTube channel.

Broward Sheriff’s Office detectives successfully disrupted an illegal drug distribution operation from Chi Town Chicago Beef and Hot Dogs in Pompano Beach during a traffic stop there in February 2019. As part of this seizure, detectives discovered a duffel bag containing cocaine, fentanyl and Ecstasy as well as prescription pills as well as $18,000 cash.

Louis Younglove, owner of a restaurant located near Atlanta in Georgia, was arrested on multiple criminal charges while his 24-year-old son Adam was accused of possession of fentanyl.

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