Adam Singerman

Adam Singerman – A Man Who Has Seen It All

Aaron Singerman is a man who has seen it all, from drug addiction to bodybuilding and supplement use; even spending time in federal prison.

He is also a linguist, studying Tupian (Brazil’s Tupian language) as part of his PhD in Linguistics from Columbia University. His dissertation on Tupari clausal organization won him the Mary Haas Award from the Society for the Study of Indigenous Languages.

Early Life and Education

Adam Singerman initially established himself as a personal trainer and posted to bodybuilding forums, before expanding into supplement sales of illegal substances such as synthetic stimulants DMAA and DMBA as well as the chemical picamilon. Furthermore, false claims were made by Singerman that his supplements were manufactured at FDA-approved facilities.

Singerman was charged with being part of a conspiracy to import drugs into the US and is facing up to 20 years in jail after violating the Designer Anabolic Steroids Control Act and giving false assurances regarding product safety to consumers.

Singerman’s research is supported by grants from the National Science Foundation’s Documenting Endangered Languages grant and Jacobs Research Funds at Whatcom Museum, as well as fellowships from University of Chicago and Society for the Study of Indigenous Languages of Americas. His dissertation entitled ‘The Clausal Organization of Tupari: a Tupian Language in Amazon Rainforest’ was published in 2021 and won Mary Haas Award of Society for Study of Indigenous Languages.

Professional Career

Since 2013, Singerman has conducted research into Tupari, an Indigenous language spoken by approximately 350-400 people in Rondonia state in Brazil. His goal is to create a comprehensive reference grammar of Tupari that synthesizes various strands of linguistic theory; his fieldwork has been funded by Jacobs Research Fund at Whatcom Museum, National Science Foundation and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Berger Singerman lists Singerman in its Bankruptcy: Business and Construction Law practice groups. According to its website, Singerman serves clients on transactional, project consultation, dispute resolution/litigation matters related to Florida’s construction industry.

Singerman previously served as counsel to Calypso Lodging Associates LLC, an acquisition and finance affiliate of Sun Development & Management Corporation, regarding their purchase, financing, and franchise conversion of a SpringHill Suites by Sheraton hotel.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Singerman has spent decades documenting and analyzing Tupari, an indigenous Brazilian language. His efforts were recently acknowledged with the 2020 Mary Haas Book Award from the Society for the Study of Indigenous Languages of the Americas; moreover, his dissertation “The Morphosyntax of Tupari, a Tupian Language of Brazil” contributed significantly towards documenting and understanding indigenous languages.

He conducts fieldwork in Tupari villages with support from the Center for Latin American Studies, Jacobs Research Funds at the Whatcom Museum, and Endangered Language Fund. In collaboration with Tupari teachers he has also produced native language literacy materials.

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Personal Life

Adam Singerman has endured many trials throughout his life. From drug dependency to becoming a bodybuilding icon, his story will inspire many. Unfortunately, Adam Singerman has had run-ins with law but is back on track and doing well now.

Since 2013, he has conducted field research into Tupari, an indigenous Brazilian language. This project is supported by grants from both Whatcom Museum’s Jacobs Research Funds and National Science Foundation’s Documenting Endangered Languages Program and collaborates with Tupari-speaking teachers in developing native language literacy materials.

His 2020 dissertation “The Clausal Organization of Tupari” investigates grammatical phenomena found within Tupian language and connects them to linguistic theory – making this the most extensive and detailed account of Tupari grammar ever.

Net Worth

Adam Singerman possesses an estimated net worth of nearly $1.9 billion. As principal of Outpost Investments, which offers tailored commercial real estate advisory and investment services to high-net-worth individuals and family offices. Their focus lies on investing in opportunities across major real estate asset classes.

Prior to co-founding Outpost, Adam served as an associate at Clear Path Asset Management where he oversaw the acquisition, financing, development and disposition of over 5 Million Square Feet of commercial and mixed-use real estate properties.

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