Adam Berkowitz

Adam Berkowitz

Adam Berkowitz specializes in Entertainment Law. With more than 15 years of experience under his belt, Adam Berkowitz can be trusted with handling entertainment law issues with ease.

Born July 4 in Los Angeles County, California. USA.

He currently resides in Durham, North Carolina with his twin brother Daniel Landers.

Early Life and Education

Adam Berkowitz was born on 4 July 1993 in Los Angeles County, California and currently resides there. He is an American Actor and Business Professional.

His adoption was initially to Ivan and Francesca Berkowitz; however, later he discovered his biological mother Betty. This profound discovery changed his life irrevocably.

After joining the army, he quickly established himself as an excellent marksman; however, he soon found it hard to control his anger and unruly behaviors.

In June 1974, he visited his mother to gain more information on his birth. This became one of the primary turning points in his life.

Berkowitz eventually went on to become a celebrated writer and producer, serving as co-head of television at Creative Artists Agency (CAA) for over two decades and founding Lenore Entertainment Group to work alongside many of the world’s top television producers and writers.

Professional Career

Adam Berkowitz has been active in the legal profession for years and is widely respected in South Natick, MA area as an attorney.

Over his career, he has helped countless individuals and families to successfully navigate legal matters. Additionally, he is recognized for his impeccable professional work ethic and unwavering dedication to the field of law.

Berkowitz has long been involved in healthcare. He founded Simpara Health Solutions which designs health plans that help employers save on healthcare costs.

He has an abiding interest in Israeli television, having recently packaged and sold Fauda to Netflix as well as making deals to adapt Israeli shows for US audiences.

Achievement and Honors

Berkowitz is a strategic advisor, literary manager, and the founder of Lenore Entertainment Group in Los Angeles. As such, he has collaborated with some of the world’s premier television producers, writers, directors, packagers, distributors, distributors and sellers on many popular series such as Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond, Arrested Development Rescue Me True Detective Justified Big Love House of Cards Unbelievable Godless among many more.

He serves as co-head of television department at Creative Artists Agency and was honored this year with the Career Achievement Award by Los Angeles Israel Film Festival.

Adam serves as both Honors Academic and Scholarship Advisor, helping students navigate the Honors curriculum and plan their thesis projects. Additionally, he works closely with the Center for Fellowship & Scholarship Advising helping students apply for nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships.

Personal Life

Adam Berkowitz serves as Chief of Staff, Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications & Industry Relations for LiveIntent. In this capacity he assists in formulating strategy and planning for the company.

He takes pleasure in writing about how publishers can safeguard their futures against walled gardens and enjoying time with his wife and dog in Portland.

Adam Berkowitz is the author of Hope Merchant, a novel which blends fantasy with adventure in order to present an optimistic world that can only become better through connection. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York – where violent behaviors were first prevalent – Adam became engaged with such behavior early on in his youth.

At 14, he began hearing voices telling him to kill. Later he learned his birth mother rejected him, leading to him believing he wasn’t attractive enough. Over the next decade he is believed to have murdered six and injured seven before finally being apprehended in 1977.

Net Worth

Berkowitz was dismissed Monday following an incident at the Emmys’ Governors Ball involving him grabbing Ben Stephenson of Bad Robot Productions forcibly by the crotch, according to Variety reports. CAA investigated and eventually let go of Berkowitz after their investigation had concluded.

Berkowitz served as TV agent, packaging and selling hit series such as Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond, Arrested Development, Rescue Me, True Detective, Justified Big Love House of Cards Unbelievable Godless The Spy. Additionally he oversaw packaging critically acclaimed Israeli series Fauda and Tehran.

He currently practices law at Dacheng Law Offices in San Francisco and his cross-sector experience allows him to advise clients on an array of matters. He has been admitted as an attorney both in New York and Oregon.

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