Actors Dupixent Commercial Actress

Jennifer is a Dupixent Commercial Actress

Jennifer is a Dupixent customer and brand ambassador. The TV commercial promoting the medicine features more than 40 members of the MCTV crew. It was shot in October 2013. The commercial uses US voiceover and post boxes. The commercial features a Kymco Like 200i scooter-riding woman. An accompanying print advertisement features the actress and the product. The commercial can be viewed on TV, digital, and other media outlets.

The advertisement was updated in March 2019. Complaints began to pile up in April and May. The commercial finally reached Tysonland in June 2019. The latest version, which features Duchess as an actress, is being criticized for its ripoff of The Wild. It aired three times on July 9, 2019, but received many negative reviews compared to the previous version. It briefly replaced The Wild as the most hated advertisement.

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