90’s Robot Dog

The 90s Robot Dog Craze

If you’re nostalgic for the 90s, then you may want to check out the robotic dogs from that decade. The Aibo was the first artificially intelligent household device. It was sold out within 20 minutes of its release. Sony produced two more generations of robobots, but the cheaper alternatives forced Sony to cease production. However, the Japanese company stayed dedicated to AI and robotics development. The Aibo continues to be a popular collectible to this day.

It was able to sing and would hum Ludwig van Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” when he was happy. If you were close, he would start singing this song. But if you were not, you’ll have to stop and listen carefully to hear him. This makes the Poo-Chi a great companion to have around! The craze lasted until 2001, with newer models being released to meet the demand. It could move, dance, balance on tiptoes and sense light, sounds, and touch. It also included a special bone to increase the interactive element.

In 1999, Sony introduced the AIBO robot dog. The AIBO robot dog evolved from a puppy to an adult and learned new tricks and responded to commands. Sony created AIBO to be an emotional companion and instill love and affection between users. Sony’s chief executive, Kazuo Hirai, said that the company wanted AIBO to inspire a sense of attachment and intimacy between humans and robots. Sony is developing a smart home feature that will allow robot owners to control their dog.

The Poochi robotic dog was first released in Japan and the United States. It also had similar success in Asia. Poo-Chi was sold at $38 USD which was less than the AIBO series by Sony, which cost nearly $2,400 USD new. Poo-Chi was a hit with parents and received the Toy Association’s Girl Toy of the year award in 2000. In fact, the Poo-Chi won the award over Barbie, Diva Starz and Groovy Girls.

Sony has also revived the original AIBO robot toys, in addition to the Aibo. The new ERS1000 model looks even more real with features like an OLED screen in its eyes and a camera in the nose. The robot also comes in ivory white color, and will be programmed to learn from its owner and adapt to the environment. It will not just watch TV, but it will even play games with its owner!

The toys of the 90s were very innovative. Some toys were so innovative and avant-garde that they have even become collectible. Collectors can sell them for a high price today. Even the Toby Terrier’s collectible version, which was introduced in 1990, still holds a lot of value. You should check out any old toys in your attic.

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