90’s Rave Pants

90’s Rave Pants

90’s rave pants are retro and comfortable, ideal for dancing. Made of cotton, these pants usually feature colorful prints, smiley faces, and logos. You can wear rave pants with a belt around your waist to keep them up while dancing. The 90’s rave pants have been around for many decades, and have a unique history as a dance culture staple. Here are some tips to help you choose the right rave pants.

The 90’s rave fashion scene was influenced by hip hop culture in LA. Phat pants were popular, as were bell bottoms and cropped baby doll shirts. Basic black was the standard dance floor outfit until 2008 when furry accessories made their debut. Many rave goers also began to incorporate kandi style elements into their outfits. And, of course, no outfit was complete without a pair of rave-worthy t-shirt!

Millennials find ’90s fashion appealing, and they are attempting to recreate the decade’s era. This is partly due to a 20-year cycle in fashion trends. Millennials’ obsession with the ’90s is a result of their influx of influences from DIY fashion and the ’90s rave scene. It’s no wonder that fast fashion retailers are pumping out ’90s subculture as 2018 trends.

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