7 Interesting Facts about “Museum of the Future, Dubai” that you didn’t know

Dubai has neat surprises at every nook and corner and the Museum Of The Future is a perfect example. This museum with leave you breathless with its astonishing collection of exhibits. So, if you want to give your children an education through fun interactive exhibits, then this is the place for you. Now, it is time to discover 7 interesting facts about this museum. Have a read.

1. Fantastic Design And Easy Access

The museum is designed to give you the feel that you are inside a sci-fi movie than a regular museum. The venue constantly updates its technology to give you the best experience for your money. The museum offers 14 different time slots to the tourists; this is done to prevent overcrowding.

Monumental Atrium is a place that sports wonderful architecture and it has panels with beautiful calligraphy, it is love at first sight, you will receive wristbands at the entrance that will give you access to all the sections of the museum.

2. Interesting Displays

Interesting Displays

When it comes to keeping you interested in its exhibits, this museum does not fall behind in any way. It has many different sections and all of them are worth visiting without a doubt. The museum employs the best technology to give the visitors the best time ever. Do check for deals and offers to get the museum of the future tickets at best price. You will also learn about how scientists are working round the clock to make the earth a better place to live in. Make sure you take your kids to the section Future Kid. This is a place where your kids can develop their skills in teamwork.

3. Get The View Of The Future

Get The View Of The Future

This museum is a place where you can get a glimpse of how the world will look in the future. Also, you can learn about the various technologies that scientists use to make the world a healthier place. This museum will also educate you on how you can do your bit to make the world a better place to live in.

4. Joint Free panels

The museum has astonishing architecture and it has panels that are free from joints. The panels were put together by incorporating construction methods from the airline sector.

5. The Construction Was Based On Feng Shui

This is one of the few places in Dubai that have been constructed after consulting experts on Feng Shui. The architecture embodies the free-flowing positive energy and it is not a secret that anybody who visits this place leaves with a smile and feels rejuvenated.

6. Beautiful Exterior

The exterior of the museum is covered in beautiful exerts of poetry and other motivational writings. The whole architecture will grab your attention and leave you craving for more.

7. Competitive Event

The company invited technology developers to pitch their ideas each year and from them, a few winners are chosen to enhance the technology within the museum. During the New Year in Dubai, there is a huge rush of kids and family. Thus it is recommended to get the ticket online to avoid final time rush. This is a fantastic opportunity for those brilliant individuals who want to share their technical brilliance to make the world a better place.

Final Word

These were some of the 7 interesting facts about the Museum of the Future. You should not give this place a miss as it offers much more than just entertainment; it opens a world of positivity and possibilities to the visitors. Remember to book your tickets online, well in advance as they tend to get sold out really fast. Also, read the cancellation policy before you book. Do carry a valid ID when you visit this place. Have at this museum.

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