4 Foot Snowman Christmas Tree

Holiday Time 6.5ft Snowman Christmas Tree With Cool White Lights and 650 Branch Tips

One of the best baubles to have on display is the Holiday Time 6.5ft Snowman Tree with Cool White lights and 650 branch tips. Its lights and accessories make it easy to decorate and lighten up your home for the holiday season. The aforementioned novelty boasts a number of other functionalities including an enclosing security box that can withstand a hefty blow out. For a small tidbit of cash, your family could snag a festive tree to adorn with a few Christmas ornaments of their very own. With a mere ten minutes to spare, you can put the good stuff to work and reap the rewards in the form of a well-lit and happy family. Fortunately, this tree is big enough to hold its own if you happen to be one of the many people who have a bit of a phobia. In fact, this tree is so tall it resembles a tree from the neighbor’s backyard.

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