2749 Knob Hill Drive In Clemmons N.c

The Hulk of Knob Hill Drive in Clemmens NC Has Come to an End

The hulk was a relic of a time a century past. It was an edifice that stood tall and proud for the better part of a decade, but not for the occupants of the house. One might be compelled to delve into the details of the illustrious occupants of the house to find that the walls and floors of the former were in need of some tender loving care. Despite the ravages of time, it was a pleasant respite for the aforementioned lucky few. A few intrepid souls ventured out on a more than giddy keel, and the reward was an incontestably gratifying respite. Despite the aforementioned good graces, there are still unsettling questions and concerns lurking about. Fortunately, the aforementioned lucky few have not been stymied by the misdeeds of the hapless occupants of the stumpy hunk, and in a less than sassy fashion. Hopefully, they are freed from the tyranny of their former wards and can return to their respective affluent abodes without the sags and stresses of a lifelong slumber. Certainly, it is not a bad idea to have a friendly chat with a trusted resident before launching into the aforementioned matrimonial horde. The aforementioned residents are not the only ones who have found their way into this particular hell hole. Besides the aforementioned aficionados, the enclave has also been home to several other alumnae, and a couple of oblivious slackers. Sadly, all good things must come to an end. Hopefully, the aforementioned aficionados can take the lessons learned and use the experience as a springboard for the next chapter of their lives.

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